Increase your cashflow by tapping on online markets

We help businesses to easily integrate, deploy and benefit from online payments, offering a rich, simple straight forward single cloud connection to over 5 Payment Gateways in Kenya. Get enhanced KPIs backed by blockchain technology to ensure your business cashflow is secured.

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Accept Payments and monitor through the dashboard. Reverse funds, check Transactions Status or query your shortcode Balance Check API integrated

M-pesa disburse funds using bulk payment platform


Disburse funds to customers, suppliers or even family and friends using Safaricom Daraja B2C API and track analytics for your shortcode.

Africa's Talking SMS platform

Africa's Talking API

Send or Schedule Messages using your Africa's Talking SMS gateway directly from the dashboard. Send messages to customers automatically after payment and enjoy more for FREE

Resell Airtime

Airtime APIs

Distribute Airtime to your customers/your employess at the click of the button. We support Safaricom, Telkom and Airtel. *Available as API Only.




Whether selling Tokens/Allowing your client to pay/check their postpaid bills, we provide easy and secure payment ways for your clients. *Available as API only

Africa's Talking SMS platform


Customer Identity is very crucial especially for businesses. We provide a secure and easy way to verify Kenyan ID Numbers against the Kenyan Government's ID Card.

What is this Platform?

MpaaS(Payments as a Platform) is a payment platform that enables businesses like yours and developers like you to rapidly consume/use the various APIs from platforms that we support to start accepting and tracking money flow in your organization.

By rapidly means, we take minutes as opposed to days and sometimes months to start using your payment platform APIs. We currently Support M-Pesa Daraja API, Kopokopo and Africa's Talking Payments and are working hard to bring as many as possible so you can be flexible.

Our goal is simple, you pick M-pesa and build your endpoints based on Daraja, and bring in any other platform and you don't have to write a single code to adjust to fit these APIs

Data in your hands

Want to easily track your payments, see trends and study your KPIs to know when your business is doing better? DPC X is your solution

A platform that doesn't aggregate your payment Shortcodes, we simply host it, meaning, your money is as secure as if it was in your Bank.

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Get it. Don't sweat it.

Many M-PESA integration services offered always end-up in tears, not just sweat. We understand this, and we bring something that will cost you nothing to integrate, not even a dime.

Our team of industry experts don't just try, we know the craft, and we solved in in thousands of businesses using DPC X

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Our support team is a quick chat or email away.


Processed from Merchants accross all hosted stores.

Verify Kenyan ID Numbers

Every serious Fintech, Lending and organization needs to have verifiable data about their customers. Take a atep further and incorporate strong KYC/AML policies when your customers signup for your service by ensuring that they provide correct information.

Its no longer about numbers, its about integrity

We acknowledge the advancement of technology and related skills. AI and Photo Card validation can't securely guarantee that the details are as provided.

To get this verifiable data, you now don't have to climb uphill, we're just an API call away..

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integrated quickly and easily

Consume all our services through the Dashboard or APIs written for Humans.

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// Initialize API
const api = new DPCX({
  apiKey: '',
  apiSecret: '',
  baseUrl: ''

// Verify
const verify = api.verifyIdentity({
  idNumber: ' ',
  customerName: ' '


1.7% + KES 0.75 per Transaction

Owned Shortcode, Dedicated Business.

1% + KES. 0.75 Per Transaction

Shared Shortcode. Users Pay to your specific account.

KES. 0.75 Per Transaction

Bring Your Own Shortcode(BYOS) - You own the shortcode, pay for usage only.

Facts & Questions

Have a question? Read through our FAQ below. If you can't find an answer,
please email our support team. We're here to help.

At Surv Technologies, our mission has always been focused on bringing openness and transparency. We've always believed that by providing a space for everyone, it empowers them to make better products, it also helps them grow. We're proud to be a part of creating a more open culture and to continue building a product that supports this vision. Our FAQ section helps in guiding our clients towards knowing and making the right decision about our products before committing to using them.

DPC X is a short name for Daraja Production Code. We started doing M-pesa Integration a long time ago, and we sold our integration codes as DPC.
Over time, we discovered that most of our customers only supported their websites for a year, well, until hosting account expires, thats when they stop using, well, because of renewal costs.

We also discovered that most people, didn't use the code as intended, they ignored so many factor, such as security, data interepretation, privacy etc DPC X, is a system that will never have challenges mentioned.

This and many more, have been addressed, and so, basically, we made in in a way that you even don't need a website to start using the M-PESA API. Our inhouse team focuses every day on making products for businesses of all kinds, while implementing the best standards, which you will never get with a hired freelance, or hired web development companies.

There are two kinds of M-pesa as a service platforms.

1. These that Aggregate and
on aggregation, you kind-of lose ownership of your shortcode, and someone else can move your money around as much as they like.
2. These that host.
We pretty much don't have such access rights. All we can do is use the data(in read-only mode) inorder to make your paybill/Till useful. Why this approach, you may ask: Just like a person, every company has needs, and sometimes, the revenue generated may not meet such needs, with access

DPC X is an orchestration platform. One of the benefits of using DPC X is the fact that you don't have to worry about server uptimes, hefty renewal costs or hefty update charges. We do it for free as part of platform updates.

Another benefit is for SMEs, and Micro Enterprenuers, the service gives you access to more fucntionllities to your shortcode out of the box, each day, you get a summery of your cashflow, see patterns and business intelligence data that is offered all for free.

DPC X is just more than that, our teams are trained and tested in AML and KYC skills, also, our partnerships with international companies on provisioning of the service, give us a cutting edge experience on glbal standards of Infromation Security, Data Security, International Compliance to privacy and many other skills that would be hard to get from an integration or aggregation company.

Yes. We support as many Tills and Paybills as have.

Yes. DPC X comes to you with zero interruptions to your business. We have seamlessly made the system to continue working as the Daraja API, but we also offer our own API, simpler and provide 24/7 support during integration. We use Daraja responses as a standard in DPC X, and so, nothing changes on your code if you have an existsing codebase.

We have a no-contract policy on DPC X. Meaning you can join anytime by filling our onboarding form and you can leave anytime by simply informing us so we can delete any sensitive data that we may have about you from our systems.

Integration takes less than 3 minutes(Yes, we timed it). So you can start using your API in less than 10(Filling the form, going live and accessing DPC X platform.)

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